blaqkbat replied to your post: yep i most certainly do not have a crush

im sorry for your loss

im not

i hear having one is painful

yep i most certainly do not have a crush

what’s a crush?


I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life but at least I didn’t just give Steven Moffat an Emmy

  • Ancient Egypt was not a mixed society.
  • Ancient Egypt was PITCHED BLACK until the 7th century AD, when Indo Aryans called Arabs invaded from Central Asia.
  • For 99 percent of Egyptian history, Egypt was as BLACK as Nigeria, as BLACK as Congo, and as BLACK as Senegal.
  • King Tut was a dark skinned black man,
  • Queen Tiye was a beautiful and EXTREMELY dark skinned woman.
  • Hatshepsut was also very very very dark skinned.
  • Even during the Ptolemaic period of Kemet, the Egyptians were primarily African.
  • The fact that the most advanced civilization of human history was composed primarily of Black People is the most annoying and frustrating thing to white supremacist historians today.

i laughed for 12 minutes at this f uckjng vine

  • me: do ur homework
  • me: no


If you have depression and are trying to recover…. Why the fuck would u run a depression blog

my aunt said she liked the colors on my gay pendant today and i was like thanks but inside i was like lmao i am a homosexual


for a person who isn’t exclusively attracted to people of the same gender I sure do say im gay a lot



y’all are so annoying about dogs tbh i see posts like “there’s probably a doggy all the way across the world wagging its tail right now I have butterflies” get a job u fuckin hippies



i want to wear your hoodies and stay up talking about the universe with you until 3 am and i want to hold your hand and kiss your face and hug you when im sad and have marathons of our favourite shows